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Hey! My name is Jordan Seda! I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist proudly serving all clients from patients fresh out of surgery to competitive athletes that are motivated to achieve top levels of performance and everyone in between! I am honored to be trusted by so many to help them meet their goals and take every patient encounter seriously. No matter who you are or what you have been through, I want to work with you!

My approach to rehab and performance is simple: I understand that people are unique and that the demands and needs of their lives vary tremendously. This is why no standardized approach or protocol found online will adequately address an injury. I believe that an injury is just one component of the recovery roadmap. Pain or limited performance can be caused by stress, illness, or poor training among many other factors and each of these can happen before or after the other—or all at once! Aside from just addressing the parts of the body that are either causing pain or impeding performance, I will help you navigate every factor in your life that may be contributing to difficulty recovering. I will put in the effort to ensure that I am accessible and willing to work with you to determine the best plan for recovery. It is highly likely that this could change weekly—or even daily! This means that exercise modification or prescribed rest could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Plus, rehab and training should be fun! My goal is to create an environment that is different from the conventional patient-doctor experience. The focus is always on making progress, but having fun while doing it! So allow me to brainstorm new ideas, work together with you and let’s have a good time!

In my down time, you can likely find me with a barbell in my hands, with a book laying out in a park on a nice day or making arrangements to travel to a new destination.








Our bodies need maintenance. In order to continue performing at our best, we need a certain amount of strength, mobility and motor control to decrease our likelihood of injury. I will help assure you that your body is fit to meet the demands of any sport or just life in general! Through a series of movement assessments, we will devise a plan to keep you performing at your best!



Just had surgery? Have you been experiencing pain that just won’t go away? No matter your fitness level or physical capabilities, I will work with you to help decrease your pain and meet your performance goals through a combination of skilled exercise prescription and hands-on treatment.



If you thought I was just reserved for providing pain relief, guess again! When we are participating in a sport, we want to be great at it! I will work with you ensure that you are training safely while also improving your performance.


Each session is one-on-one for 1 hour. No assistants. No interruptions. Just a focus on figuring out the best plan for you to meet your functional and performance goals.

I pride myself on TRANSPARENCY and INTEGRITY.